Vacuum Excavators

Hydro excavation conducted on road to expose existing underground utiliy pipes.

Vacuum excavators are machines used to remove soil, debris and other solid materials from the ground. They use a suction tube to suck up materials and extract them from the ground. These types of machines come in two main varieties, namely hydraulic and non-hydro. Hydraulic excavators are powered by either electricity or hydraulics, while the non-hydro models are manual and run by manual power. The type you choose should depend upon the task you want it to perform.

You will find two types of vacuum excavators – the boom and the cable operated. The boom is the most traditional type, which is well known for its high reach and heavy weight. These machines are often used for mining and soil removal. They can also be mounted on flatbed trucks to cross gorges or to excavate areas where lifting ladders cannot reach.

Meanwhile, the cable excavator from is more reliable and durable than the boom. However, they are limited by their height and cannot be used in areas that do not have a level surface. On the other hand, the air vacuum excavators use a positive displacement blower to push materials from the ground. Positive displacement means that the air vacuum pumps the material up into the air chamber rather than moving it through the tunnel like in the case of the booboo. Although not as powerful as their boom counterparts, these excavators are often found in processing plants and can move heavier items such as blocks and cement.

Vacuum excavators come in two variants – wet and dry. A wet vacuum excavator is one that is powered by water. These are used in wet soil or ground that has been flooded. The dry excavator on the other hand uses a positive displacement blower but does not require water. The positive displacement blower allows materials to be sucked into the system with little effort and also moves materials through the system faster. The dry excavator with hydro excavation nozzles is more powerful and is most often used for commercial purposes.

The third variety of vacuum excavation trucks is the suction excavators. Suction excavators are powered by suction. They work on the basis of a rotary screw vacuum which is then controlled by another mechanism. This type is most commonly used in the construction industry as suction trucks are also known to be very powerful.

Although vacuum excavators are useful in different situations, it is always best to hire a professional when doing any form of excavation. It is important to get the job done properly and it helps if you know the correct techniques. These excavators can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Some of the common ones include drilling holes for pipes and cables, dredging sewers and ditches, cutting and trimming trees and other landscape vegetation, flattening and grading land, digging foundations for foundations, digging for oil or gas, grading roads, excavating for ore and sand, and much more. You can be sure that there is a perfect time to use one of these machines if you know what you are doing. Visit too for more information.

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